Video Game Studies and Digital Cultures Roundup #1

I realized that I spend quite bit of energy point and clicking, copying and pasting, liking and tweeting news stories, blog posts, and scholarship about video game studies and digital cultures (and fan cultures).  It would be nice, I thought, if I could aggregate (as best as possible) all of those bits and bytes.  I know there are a number of digital tools to help me do this, but I kind of like organizing by hand.  Here is a first and partial list from the past few months:

Video Games / Digital Cultures

The Best Character Creation Tool, Now Available Without Its Game

An Exhibition That Proves Video Games Can Be Art


Game Designer with a Humanist Edge

Geek Male Identity Has Been Reduced to Kylo Ren Thrashing a Computer with His Sword – This Needs to Change

Goodbye Weekend Plans: Internet Archive Now Lets You Play 900 Classic Arcade Games

Her Code Got Humans on the Moon—And Invented Software Itself

In a Jam Between Community and Capitalism: A Critical Look at Game Jams

New Barbie Makes Video Games For A Living

‘The Last Game I Make Before I Die’: Fighting Cancer By Making A Video Game

A Videogame That Teaches You to Write Poetry, Even if It Intimidates You

Video Games Are Missing Black Voices (Literally)

We’re the Reason We Can’t Have Nice Things on the Internet

Games of Color

Finally, a Video Game Hero for Africa

Professor Discusses Lack of Diversity in Video Games

Gender / LGBT / Queer Games

Beyond Lara Croft: 30 Truly Interesting Female Game Characters – Part One

Super Mario Sisters? At USC, Women Now Outnumber Men in Video Game Design Graduate Program

Video Games Allow Transgender People to Be Themselves

We Must Bulldoze What’s Left of the Nerdy White Men’s Internet

Nerd of Color / Fandom

10 Sci-Fi Stories Created by Women of Color

Going Medieval: POCs in Medieval, Greek, and Roman Eras

The Hero of This Comic Book is a Single, Black Mother Raising Her Super-Powered Son

Star Trek’s Black Guest Stars, 1966-1967

The Struggles And Triumphs Of Black Cosplay


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