Video Game Studies, Digital Cultures, & Fandom Roundup #2

Here is another list of various links that I have come across in the past few months (see previous Roundup here:

Video Games / Digital Cultures

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Block’hood – Vertical city simulator with focus on ecology, decay and coexistence

Code Is Political
Digital Companies Need More Liberal Arts Majors
Engare, a Videogame about the Mathematical Beauty of Islamic Art
Game Designer with a Humanist Edge The Electronic Literature Collection, Vol. 3 Man’s Sky: The Game Where You Can Explore 18 Quintillion Planets

Pokemon Go Syllabus

Purr Ideology: The Neoliberal Pleasures of Neko Atsume

Special Issue: ‘Negotiating Gamer Identities’ | Press Start

Table of Contents
Editorial: Negotiating Gamer Identities
A Gendered Identity Debate in Digital Game Culture
Girls, Guys and Games: How News Media Perpetuate Stereotypes of Male and Female Gamers
“No Girls on the Internet”: The Experience of Female Gamers in the Masculine Space of Violent Gaming
Discussing Identities through Game-Making: A Case Study
A Gatekeeper Final Boss: An Analysis of MOGAI Representation in Video Games
Female Fighters: Perceptions of Femininity in the Super Smash Bros. Community
Default Characters and the Embodied Nature of Play: Race, Gender, and Gamer Identity

Stunning Video Game Is Like An Ancient Greek Urn Come To Life

Ten of the Best One-Night Games

There Is a Video Game Where You Just Take Care of Succulents

Games of Color

50% Of Rust Characters Are Now Women, Whether Players Want It Or Not

Black Characters in Video Games Must Be More Than Stereotypes of the Inhuman

How Videogame Depictions of Racism Distract from Real Discourse

Indigenous Games & Game Devs You Should Know

The Natural: The Trouble Portraying Blackness in Video Games

Video Games without People of Color are Not ‘Neutral’

Would You Believe There Have Been Only 14 Playable Black Women in Gaming?

Warning: Pokemon GO is a Death Sentence if you are a Black Man.

Gender / LGBT / Queer Games

LGBTQ Video Game Archive

Queer Game Studies 101: An Introduction to the Field (2016)

Samus Is Trans, and Ronda Rousey Probably Shouldn’t Play Her

Sexist Trolls Are Attacking Barbie for Her New Career as a Game Developer

Sims 4 Removes Gender Restrictions on Clothing, Hairstyles, and Other Character Customizations

The Vagina Video Game that was too Racy for Apple

Nerd / Fandom

#NotAllRolePlayers: A History of Rapey Dungeon Masters

The 1980s Media Panic Over Dungeons & Dragons

As an Homage to George Takei, John Cho’s Sulu Is Gay in Star Trek Beyond

Dear JK Rowling: We’re Still Here

Fandom Meets Feminism in UO Residence Hall Event

Gen Con 2016 Sends Clear Message that Gaming is for Everyone

The Importance Of Fanfiction For Queer Youth

It’s Not Just Video Games — Tabletop Gaming Has a Harassment Problem Too

Labyrinth and the Dark Heart of Childhood

Satirical Erotica Author Chuck Tingle’s Massive Troll of Conservative Sci-Fi Fans, Explained

Sci-fi Media Coverage Dominated by Men, Survey Shows

A Short Review of Ghostbusters and A Longer Pummel of Manboys

Have You Heard of Sneaky Cards? The Game is Turning Everyday Life into Quite an Adventure.

The Soft Sexism Of Hating On The New GHOSTBUSTERS

Stranger Things Is a Nerdy Story That Is So Much More Than Its References

SXSW’s Online Harassment Summit was Just One More Place for Men to Ignore Women

Tabletop Gaming has a White Male Terrorism Problem

This Illustrator Explains To Bros Why They Need Feminism

Why Nerds Are So Sexist

Why Do So Many Fairy Tales Feature Magical Shoes?

3 comments to “Video Game Studies, Digital Cultures, & Fandom Roundup #2”
3 comments to “Video Game Studies, Digital Cultures, & Fandom Roundup #2”
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