“Project Asterisk” (2017)

My LGBTQIA Scholars Academic Residence Community students and I were featured as part of the 2017 University of Oregon Undergraduate Research Symposium.  My students presented the culmination of their year-long colloquium project to develop a pronoun wearable.  The project called “Project Asterisk” is presented here:

2017 Undergraduate Symposium-Project Pronoun: The LGBTQIA+ Scholars Academic Residential Community Year-Long Colloquium Project

“Learning at the UW: Advice from Faculty and Students”

I was asked to be a part of a short video called “Learning at the UW: Advice from Faculty and Students,” which was produced for the University of Washington’s First Year Programs.  The video is shown to students and parents, to prospectives and incoming freshmen:

“Focus Groups” (2009)

A (former) student Jon Sim produced a short documentary on the “focus group” courses (CHID 496) offered by the Comparative History of Ideas department at the University of Washington.  The “Documentary on Focus Groups” featured me and my class on live-action role-playing games:

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