Video Game Studies, Digital Cultures, RPG/LARP, & Fandom Roundup #5

Here is another list of various links that I have come across in the past few months (see previous Roundups here: Roundup #4:, Roundup #3:, Roundup #2:, and Roundup #1:

Video Games

Activision Blizzard cuts nearly 800 jobs amid ‘record results in 2018’

How A Medieval Video Game Can Help Us Think About The Past

Second Annual Business of Games Summit brings renowned gaming experts to Ohio University Feb. 22

E-Sports Is the New Premed

This Absurdly Cute Game Puts Players in Charge of a Day Spa for Marshmallows

UK Linguists Awarded NEH Grant for Video Game Concept

Six of 2018’s best new books about video games

Guy Counts Every Ellipsis You Have To See To Finish Xenogears

Games of Color/Nerds of Color

Amazon’s questionable MMO has you colonize the ‘new world’

Exclusive preview: Octavia E. Butler’s prescient Parable books get gorgeous reissue

What It’s Like To Write About Race And Video Game

“Black Panther” Designer Hannah Beachler Is the First Black Person to Win a Production-Design Oscar

Love as Political ResistanceLessons from Audre Lorde and Octavia Butler

A cosplay sisterhood mashes up Black Panther and Sailor Moon and it’s amazing

A little girl from West Philly grew up to become TV’s first black lesbian superhero

Marlon James’ ‘Black Leopard, Red Wolf’ unleashes an immersive African myth-inspired fantasy world

Marvel Comics Introduces Indigenous Superhero

Photos of dark-skinned deities challenge India’s obsession with fairness

Wing Luke Museum highlights Asian Pacific Americans in sci-fi in ‘Worlds Beyond Here’

‘Angry Goy 2’ Neo-Nazi Video Game Lets Users Kill LGBT People and Minorities to Save Donald Trump

Nintendo Says It Will Remove Racist Native American Animation From Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Dungeons, dragons and diversity: How the world’s most influential RPG turned the tables on inclusion

Octavia Butler Is Finally Heading to TV, Thanks to Ava DuVernay

Gay Black Men Helped Create EDM. Why Do Straight White Men Dominate It?

Queer Games/Gender and Games

Steam game about raping women will test Valve’s hands-off approach

Players Who Hate Overwatch‘s Brigitte Are Harassing Her Voice Actress

The Internet Reacts To Soldier 76 And His Ex-Boyfriend

This new video game helps you understand what it’s like to have gender dysphoria

Sex lives and video games: first exhibition of LGBTQ gaming history opens in Berlin

This Black, Gay Furry Is Now the LeBron James of Gaming

A Sexy Cyberpunk Dating Sim About (And By) Trans Folk

Nerd Culture / Fandom
Tolkien’s World: An Exhibition Transports Us to Middle-earth
J.R.R. Tolkien — the artist, the writer, the scholar — is the subject of an exhibition at the Morgan Library & Museum. The show is a comprehensive view of his alternate reality.
Science fiction has come alive in our modern world—from robots in our homes to the search for life across the universe. Current projects at the UW show that some literary fantasies will soon be reality.

Discover Otherworld: A Science-Fiction Art Installation Landing In Central Ohio

Joe Manganiello on his Dungeons & Dragons obsession: ‘When I was a kid it wasn’t cool’

Disney Princesses Play ‘Dungeons & Dragons’ in Delightful Video Short

Eight Leadership Lessons You Can Learn From ‘Dungeons & Dragons’

How women are taking on the world of Dungeons and Dragons

Fantasy literature applicable to real world with help of LARPing

Study suggests Russian trolls helped amplify the Last Jedi “backlash”

Brie Larson Was Told to Smile, So She Put Smiles onto Marvel Dudes

Philip Pullman: why we believe in magic

The Hugo Awards just made history, and defied alt-right extremists in the process

Netflix’s She-Ra creator adapted a Dungeons & Dragons character for the show

Digital Cultures/Cyberculture
The Secret History of Women in Coding

Popular RPG Site ‘Roll20′ Allegedly Had 4 Million Users’ Information Stolen

Bots Are Terrible at Recognizing Black Faces. Let’s Keep it That Way

Amazon Facial Recognition Software Used By Law Enforcement Has Racial Bias, Per Report

The Other Art History: The Forgotten Cyberfeminists of ’90s Net Art

Black Mirror’s “Bandersnatch” Is the Perfect Netflix Show

Black Mirror: Bandersnatch could become Netflix’s secret marketing weapon

These People Are Not Real—They Were Created By AI

How these humanities graduates are finding jobs in Silicon Valley

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