Archaea: Bane, Version 2.0

The mania continues: I have spent the last week making more (and more) cards.  I have updated the design of the cards themselves, looking for an efficient yet aesthetic way to communicate game information.  Here is a redesign of the Player Wound cards:

2015-11-16 14.24.53

Here are Player/White Cards:

2015-11-16 14.53.36

And here are the Bane/Black Cards:

2015-11-16 14.12.46

In the last few playtest sessions, the likelihood of the Bane killing a player in the first handful of rounds is quite high.  But it is uneven.  The rest of the time the Bane is a little on the boring side.  I will need to increase the number of smaller, low stakes attacks and decrease the whomp’um KOs.  I actually like that the game is deadly, but it would be nice to have a more sustained, more variegated play experience.  The balancing of game resources, which the player uses to make actions, also need to be adjusted.

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