Video Game Studies, Digital Cultures, RPG/LARP, & Fandom Roundup #3

Here is another list of various links that I have come across in the past few months (see previous Roundups here: and here:

Video Games / Digital Cultures

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy Game – 30th Anniversary Edition

Why the CIA Uses Board Games to Train Its Officers

This Isn’t An Operating System, It’s An RPG

How Millions of Kids are being Shaped by Know-It-All Voice Assistants

Video Games Aren’t Entertainment, They’re How I Go Outside

Meet President Obama’s Former Video Game Guru, Now Helping Shape Seattle’s Tech Education Efforts

In ‘Walden’ Video Game, the Challenge Is Stillness

GameSpace Offers a Playable Visualization of 16,000 Videogames

How a Video Game Chat Client Became the Web’s New Cesspool of Abuse

Disney Severs Ties With YouTube Star PewDiePie After Anti-Semitic Posts Cancels Pewdiepie’s Show, Removes Him From Premium Advertising

How Lego Built a Social Network for Kids That’s Not Creepy

Francis Ford Coppola Announces Apocalypse Now Video Game

Game Your Brain to Treat Depression, Studies Suggest

UW Bothell Video-Game Programming Lab Prepares Grads for Even Non-Computer Jobs

Final Fantasy XIV Players Create Their Own In-Game Theater Troupe

This Doctor Just Destroyed Anti-Gaming Myths And It’s Beautiful To Behold

Let’s Get Digital

UC Santa Cruz Now Offering Graduate Degrees in Computational Media

VR Developers Add ‘Superpower’ To Their Game To Fight Harassment

Why It’s So Hard To Make A Video Game

Video Game Voice, Stunt and Motion Actors Go on Strike in US Over Pay

Video Games at School

No Winners or Losers: How Games Misrepresent Ecologies

Games of Color

Black Skin Is Still A Radical Concept in Video Games

What We Talk About, When We Don’t Talk About Natives

These Chicago Teens Are Creating Video Games That Address White Privilege And Racial Profiling

As a Muslim Video-Game Developer, I No Longer Feel the US is Open for Business

Detention is a Beautiful, Creepy Taiwanese Horror Adventure

The Video Game That Attempts to Preserve Native Alaskan Culture

Amid Isolation, 2 Cubans Develop Island’s First Video Game

How One Video Game Unflinchingly Tackles Racism With History And Raw Interactions

Gaming Representation: Race, Gender, and Sexuality in Video Games

Gender / LGBT / Queer Games

As A Trans Woman, I’ve Seen Nerd Culture’s Misogyny From Both Sides

Shovel Knight Rethinks Gender in Retro Games with Body Swap Mode

Not Your Exotic Fantasy – Tropes vs. Women in Video Games

Playing With Conan Exiles’ NSFW Character Creation

Queer Game Studies

Gaming Representation: Race, Gender, and Sexuality in Video Games

Burly Men at Sea -An Interactive Fairy-Tale with a Wonderful Sense of Adventure–an-interactive-fairy-tale-with-a-wonderful-sen/

Pokemon Go, Queer Spaces, and Queer Contact


Immersion into LARP

History, Herstory and Theirstory: Representation of Gender and Class in Larps with a Historical Setting

Play School: Live-Action Role-Playing in Danish Classrooms

These Medieval Armor Leggings Are Historically Accurate

Sue The T-Rex Is Running A D&D Game On Twitter & It Is Freaking Amazing

A Women-centric Dungeons & Dragons Group Fosters Friendships and Fun at the Downtown Library

Dogs Playing Poker Just Got Owned By Dogs Playing Dungeons & Dragons

Dragons in the Department of Corrections

Nerd Culture / Fandom

Slaying the Patriarchy: Everything I Need to Know I Learned 20 Years Ago from “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”

Buffy the Vampire Slayer was a Feminist Parable for Everyone – Including Me

‘The Body’: The Radical Empathy of Buffy’s Best Episode

20 Years of Buffy: Love Letters to the Vampire Slayer: The Joy of Female Power

A Buffy Family Tree: ‘Bones’ and Demons and Rabid Fans

Ta-Nehisi Coates on Creating Black Superheroes

N.K. Jemisin Takes Fantasy And Sci-fi Beyond Hobbits, Aliens And White People

New Episode of Animated Afrofuturism Series Shines Light on Star Trek’s Lt. Nyota Uhura

Muslim superhero Ms. Marvel emerges as a powerful symbol during protests

Rogue One Subverts Asian Male Stereotypes — and That’s Important

A Fight Over The Hobbit Inspired Marlon James To Create an Epic African Fantasy Trilogy

There’s a Reality Show Casting Internet Trolls Sick of ‘Fake Gamer Girls’–410491.phtml

‘Nerdsploitation’ Is Not a Thing. There’s Never Been a Better Time to Be a Nerd

As A Fat, Black Woman, Cosplay Has Tried To Make Me Invisible

She-Ra and the Fight Against the Token Girl

Black Sorority Members Speak On The Rise Of The D9 Blerd(Black + Nerd) Movement

Women Who Love ‘Star Trek’ Are the Reason that Modern Fandom Exists

Dear JK Rowling: We’re Still Here



One comment to “Video Game Studies, Digital Cultures, RPG/LARP, & Fandom Roundup #3”
One comment to “Video Game Studies, Digital Cultures, RPG/LARP, & Fandom Roundup #3”
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