Teaching Awards & Evaluations

Teaching Awards

  • LGBTQIA+ Distinguished Faculty Award, UO Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Educational Support Services, 2016.
  • Webber Teaching Award for 200-Level Teaching, Department of English, UW, 2012
  • K. Patricia Cross Future Leaders Award, Association of American Colleges and Universities (AACU), 2011.
  • UW Excellence in Teaching Award, UW Teaching Academy, 2009.
  • UW Excellence in Teaching Award Nomination, UW Teaching Academy, 2008.
  • Webber Outstanding Teaching Prize for 100-Level Teaching Assistant, Expository Writing Program, UW, 2007.
  • University Teaching and Learning Program Certificate, Center for Teaching Excellence, UMD, 2005.
  • Outstanding Teaching Assistant, Center for Teaching Excellence, UMD, 2004.
  • UM Parents Association Outstanding Faculty Award Nomination, UMD, 2003.

Student Responses

“Thank you so much for all your help and support over the years!  It is no overstatement to say that your classes are some of the best and most memorable in my undergraduate career.  I can only hope to be half as awesome as you!  Your classes have been invaluable in teaching me to think more critically, and I think that I have been kept more sane because of it.  I hope that I can continue to apply your lessons from here on out and I wish you success in your future attempts to Change-Ed students!”

“I thank you for taking the time to do an Independent Study with me.  It is professors like you who make the college experience truly great.  I cannot thank you enough for how you have changed writing for me.  I now have the confidence to succeed in all areas academic, which has translated into a great new job.  Thanks.”

“The important part is that I tell you how awesome of an instructor you are and how your class has helped me long after I left the UW.  I see you’ve been working with the role of games in today’s society.  I happened to drop out of the UW, switch to DigiPen, drop out of DigiPen for a job…Anyways, your class was the turning point in my life where I suddenly acquired an understanding of how and why to write anything at all.  Since then, I’ve written my way into a 50% tuition scholarship at DigiPen, a competitive volunteer position at GDC 2010, and the portfolio/resume that led to a full-time job doing what I love!  I really appreciate having had you as an instructor.  Your teaching style is very effective and the topics you covered in class opened the doors to a lot of personal growth…I just wanted to send you my appreciation, respects, and some positive reinforcement for changing people’s lives for the better!”

“I’m sure you don’t remember me, but I took your English 242E class: Reading Fiction: “Reading Intersections: Literature as Worldmaking” in the Winter of 2008.  I should have written this email years ago, but for some reason wasn’t ready to write it.  This may sound a little primitive for a now graduate student, but your class had a profound effect on my life; it made me fall in love with reading again.  Truly, before I took your class, reading always felt like a chore and a hassle, not that I was bad at reading, but I definitely didn’t read for fun.  However, after taking your class, I found a love that I had lost years ago, and now not only do I love reading, it has become an essential part of my life.  My favorite books by far from your class were Sula by Toni Morrison and White Noise by Don DeLillo.  These novels truly opened up my eyes to a world I didn’t know existed.  Finally, the social awareness aspect of the class was really powerful and has stayed with me, thank you!”

“You brought to us a kind of attitude and courage to explore and to question things and ideas that are so common and we simply take them for granted. You encouraged us to embark a various genre of writings, different modes of thoughts, and new way of seeing how writing could function to us and to the way we see a ‘fact.’ I love every assignment you have given to the class. I saw every challange as an opportunity to learn and to research things that I always interested but have no time or thought to explore.”

“Thank you for being such an awesome teacher.  I can honestly say that you are the best teacher I have ever had.  You showed me things that I would never have thought about on my own…I got so much out of your class that a pure writing class would never cover.  You taught me things about myself and made me think about things that have a lot of bearing on my life than I ever realized.  I have also been entertaining the idea of majoring in English and being a teacher for some time now.  I just hope that I can be as good as you are at it.”

“The video days rocked.  I think most people who go to Maryland are from upper middle class suburbia who don’t know much beyond their bubble, and the videos presented each chiseled away at that ‘bubble’ little by little.  I think everyone in class had their own large or small-scale ‘breakthrough.’”

“I hope that you became a teacher to have an effect on your students, to inspire them to write and to push their minds to new limits.  I hope that you became a teacher to educate and assist, to teach skills and to spread your knowledge.  I hope all this because that is what you’ve given me and I thank you for it.  Thank you for a great semester.”

Teaching Observation Responses

“Your volume, expressiveness, and subject matter appear to not only hold student interest, but boost participation and thinking.”

“Thanks for letting me be a fly on the wall for a very lively and informative class on ‘Gatsby.’  Your energy is infectious and the discussion was really productive, involving lots of people and many of them again and again.  Anyway, this was a great way to spend a mid-afternoon hour, and I didn’t even feel the need for a donut to raise my blood sugar level.”

“Ed is a clever thinker, a very fine writer, and an industrious researcher into English…He is truly passionate about this vast and intriguing subject.  And it’s his total engagement with these matters that has made him such a fine teacher.”

“Ed is very energetic with students.  He is not afraid of movement in the class and the students seem to enjoy the group work.  They stay on task.  Certainly Ed encourages them to pay attention by checking on each group.  Ed also teaches as someone who is concerned and earnest about each student’s success.  He gives students time to ask questions at every step of the lesson, and students take advantage of this time.”

“Ed is also creative…This creativity translates into excitement about the material.  Indeed, Ed no only seems to enjoy the material, but, he obviously spends time thinking about how to get students excited about the skills and papers.”

“I came to appreciate Edmond Chang’s creative use of relating technical methods and terms with the contemporary world of his students.”

“The relaxed attitude of the instructor and his class was unexpected, yet refreshing.”

“The instructor was easy going and personable, yet definitely kept charge…Edmond Chang responded respectfully and assertively to both positive and negative situations and students.”

Sample Numerical Evaluations

The following is a sample of numerical evaluations from University of Oregon.  For more information and evaluations, please contact me for a full teaching portfolio.

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3_winter 2016_wgs 361_virtual worlds_Page_15_spring 2016_wgs 352_queering american lit_Page_1

The following is a sample of numerical evaluations from the Drew University.  For more information and evaluations, please contact me for a full teaching portfolio.

 evals_engl106_001  evals_engl204_002 evals_engl374_001 evals_engl110g evals_engl357f

The following is a sample of numerical evaluations from the University of Washington.  For information on how to read the University of Washington’s IAS course summary forms, go to the Office of Educational Assessment’s website.  For more information and evaluations, please contact me for a full teaching portfolio.

25_autumn 2012_chid250c 23_spring 2012_chid480f 21_autumn 2011_engl281b 20_spring 2011_engl242b  16_winter 2010_engl131d 17_spring 2010_engl207b 14_spring 2009_engl242a 

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