Video Game Studies, Digital Cultures, RPG/LARP, & Fandom Roundup #6

Here is another list of various links that I have come across in the past few months (see previous Roundups here: Roundup #5:, Roundup #4:, Roundup #3:, Roundup #2:, and Roundup #1:

Video Games

2019 Essential Facts About the Computer and Video Game Industry (ESA)

For Men Who Hate Talking On The Phone, Games Keep Friendships Alive

‘Make him famous in a different way’: In this popular mobile game, you kill a journalist

World Of Warcraft Classic Beta Players Are Reporting Bugs That Are Actually Just Features From The Past

Playing Nature: Ecology in Video Games (Electronic Mediations) Paperback by Alenda Y. Chang

‘Loot Boxes’ Could Be Trouble for the Videogame Industry. Here’s What You Need to Know.

You can now download the source code for all Infocom text adventure classics

A Notre Dame of the Future: Video Games, Digital Mapping, and Sonic Space

Heaven’s Vault Is a Rare Videogame About the Art of Translation

Heaven’s Vault review: an archaeology video game actually about archaeology

We Need to Get Ready for Gamergate Politicians

The effort to rebuild Notre-Dame Cathedral could get help from an unlikely source: A video game

Game Development! ~ The Musical – ‘Games Are Serious Work’

Outward Is A Merciless Fantasy Game Where You’re Just A Regular Person

Les jeux vidéo peuvent-il sensibiliser à la cause écologique?

White supremacists are trying to recruit American teens through video games

Games of Color/Nerds of Color

Back in time: See You Yesterday brings time travel to the streets of Flatbush

How Nnedi Okorafor is building the future of sci-fi from Flossmoor. (Being George R.R. Martin’s protege doesn’t hurt.),amp.html?fbclid=IwAR1fhqC81sdwHj0wV0eFWHrdfXR0cQcGEwS9z2HcC2-7icfqN3A9pSf_ZZE

How Octavia Butler’s prophetic novel ‘Parable of the Sower’ became an opera


A Cancelled Board Game Revealed How Colonialism Inspires and Haunts Games

The Dark Fantastic Fills An Imagination Gap In Youth Media

Fans of Color, Fandoms of Color — Transformative Works and Cultures, vol. 29 (2019)

Ethiopia’s First Female Superhero Comic ‘Hawi’ is Here

Real Native History in a Video Game: An Indigenous take on The Oregon Trail

Interview with John Jennings, Featuring Alternate and Draft Panels from Kindred: the Graphic Novel Adaptation

‘There are no black people on Game of Thrones’: why is fantasy TV so white?

Queer Games/Gender and Games

Can VR teach us how to deal with sexual harassment?

A Video Game That Wants to Stop Sexual Harassment

Sparkle Unicorns And Fart Ninjas: What Parents Can Do About Gendered Toys


Dodgeball is a tool of ‘oppression’ used to ‘dehumanize’ others, researchers argue

Players ‘distressed’ by gang-rape role-playing game

The Friends Who Have Been Playing the Same Game of Dungeons & Dragons for 30 Years

Black students were cast as slaves in New York teacher’s mock ‘auctions,’ state finds

Why ‘Dungeons & Dragons’ players are posting selfies in spite of ‘SNL’

The Ludic Bestiary: Misogynistic Tropes of Female Monstrosity in Dungeons & Dragons

Lake Washington Girls Middle School Has Been Invaded by Pirates, Warlocks, and Elves

Why the Cool Kids Are Playing Dungeons & Dragons–EqARNQZ0veNQjkbe4m5EafWxfcL9k5dKAnNM1w

Crab cakes and quidditch: That’s what Maryland does


Thirteen Non-Arthurian-Themed Fantasy Novels & Their Authors

Why We Need More Black Characters in Fantasy–pcMr7Br_VKw33hFUWzGQor2x-VlbNX9AHEMpGv4BCebpEs

Buffy The Vampire Slayer gets a brilliant, beautiful reimagining

The Deep Space Nine Anniversary Documentary Is Hitting Theaters for One Day Only

Digital Cultures/Cyberculture

We Need to Talk About Digital Blackface in Reaction GIFs

Microsoft engineer complains that company is biased against white men

Concordia’s Jason Edward Lewis wants ethical artificial intelligence with an Indigenous worldview

The Black Feminists Who Saw the Alt-Right Threat Coming

How to Be a Better Online Teacher

Coding Is for Everyone—as Long as You Speak English

Are Trigger Warnings Actually Helpful?

Meet Q, The Gender-Neutral Voice Assistant

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