UPCOMING: Race in Games and Game Studies Conference, December 7 & 8, Online

I will be part of the Race in Games and Game Studies Conference this coming December, which will be held online, organized by Gerald Voorhees, Ashlee Bird, Kishonna Gray, and Jen Whitson. According to the conference description:

The conference will be hosted online December 7-8, 2023 and registration is free. We will feature conventional paper panels as well as plenary discussion panels focused on future directions for research at the intersections of games and race. 

In addition to advancing the state of games research concerning how representations, industry practices, and community norms contribute to the shifting dynamics of racial privilege and marginalization, we hope to identify the trends and gaps in recent research in this area. By outlining what is being done and what has yet to be examined closely, we hope to suggest new directions and possibilities for this work to explore and to highlight ways that researchers in the humanities, social sciences, and fine arts might work together to close gaps in the field. 

I will be part of a plenary roundtable on “Joy and Harm” alongside Jordan Clapper, Kishonna Gray, Wendi Sierra, and Aaron Trammell. A lot of familiar friends and folks are part of the two-day event (including many who just presented at SLSA 2023 as part of the Game Studies Stream). I am looking forward to seeing everyone and meeting new people, too!

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