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tron de rezzWhile I was at the University of Washington, I maintained a “professional” page — which basically covered things like what I was doing in graduate school, conferences I was attending, classes I was teaching, and the occasional blog post commenting on something going on in popular culture or politics — which, now that I have left my previous institution, has been sentenced to de-rezz-ing.  Basically, a month after I completed my tenure at UW, the school terminated all of my web services (except for email, which is basically being hosted by Google anyway).  Luckily, in preparation for said decommissioning, I backed up my WordPress and all of my files.

Since moving to Drew University, I have secured my own webhosting — deciding to locate my digital presence “off-shore” so to speak, away from any institutional accounting — and reinstalled WordPress.  Now, to pick a new theme.  My original theme while at UW was the very utilitarian “Twenty Ten,” but given my new digs, my new job, and my new title, I figured that a change of pace and change of look were in order.



How about a variation on the theme like:



How about something esoteric like (which is too esoteric):




But I wanted to do something that was less “bloggy” and a bit more multidimensional.  Perhaps something more image-oriented (but the banner is just way too big):



Or magazine layout:



Or a bit livelier (which is what I have chosen for now, though I think the orange is a bit much):



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