AACU Guest Blog: “Academic Glam”

While at the AACU’s annual conference, I covered the “Networking Luncheon for Faculty and Administrators of Color” as part of my guest blogger beat.  Here’s what I wrote for the AACU’s blog:

Heather J. Knight, president of Pacific Union College and the featured speaker of the Networking Luncheon for Faculty and Administrators of Color, is vibrant, vivacious, and indeed, colorful.  Her talk, “Race, Gender, and the College Presidency,” which was punctuated by shout-outs, humor and infectious vim, outlined her particular road to becoming a college president and the specific challenges faced by women and women of color as faculty and administrators.  Given that the majority of faculty and administrators at US colleges and universities are still predominantly white and male, given the struggles for gender and racial and class equity, and given the hard, slow social, political, and institutional changes in gender and race politics, President Knight stressed determination, visibility, institutional fit, developing opportunities, service, and empowerment of self and others.

Full post: http://blog.aacu.org/index.php/2011/01/28/academic-glam/

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