Guest on UF Digital Worlds Institute’s Looking for Good Twitch Stream

I had the great fortune and honor to be a guest on my first ever Twitch stream! The smart, wonderful folks at the University of Florida’s Digital Worlds Institute invited me to be a part of their Looking for Good series. According to their website, LFG is:

an interdisciplinary live-stream broadcast production located in the College of the Arts that provides an interactive platform for researchers and artists to explore critical issues in the digital arts with audiences within and beyond the university. With LFG, we specifically research how live-streaming can augment and support the arts by providing a platform to create productive, safe, and democratic spaces that challenge the physical, ideological, cultural, and financial barriers that have traditionally dictated and limited who can access and be involved with the arts. Through our broadcast development, we examine how a wide range of media including 2D and 3D art, live performances, film, video games, research, etc. can be incorporated into live-streaming environments to offer compelling engagements with art, arts research, and the individuals working in these areas. In line with the college’s metanarrative, we also seek to make visible and accessible people, topics, work that falls outside of or is underrepresented in mainstream culture by focusing on LGBTQ+, critical race theory, labor, sexuality, gender, and class in the arts. With over 500 followers and growing, LFG is poised to become a significant, university-based space for democratic and open discussion of critical ideas and work within the arts.

For the session, we live-played dreamfeel’s Curtain as we talked about queergaming, queer games and mechanics, my research, and anything else that popped into our head.

Here is the video of the session:

Many thanks to Dr. Kyle Bohunicky for the invitation, and many thanks to the hosts and crew for a lively discussion!

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