UPCOMING PRESENTATION: “Alternative Worlds, Alternative Games,” UW Summer Institute, June 26

I am honored to be invited by Dr. Tyler Fox (HCDE) and Dr. Phillip Thurtle (CHID) to present a talk and workshop to their class for the Summer Institute in the Arts and Humanities at the University of Washington (June 24-August 23, 2019). The Summer Institute is offered by the Undergraduate Research Program and the Simpson Center for the Humanities “to provide an intensive research opportunity for humanities and arts students that increases the number of undergraduates doing research in the humanities, engages humanities and arts faculty in research with undergraduates, establishes a community of undergraduate arts and humanities scholars, and to creates a forum for humanities undergraduates to present their scholarly work.” This year’s program theme is “Creating Alternate Worlds”:

Our world is in trouble. Problems caused by systemic inequities based on race, gender, and ability still constrain human relationships, while seemingly new problems, such as global warming, proceed faster than previously imagined. Making things even worse, our attempts to create better futures through innovation often end up exacerbating the problems that they were meant to address. How can we as designers, artists, scholars, and activists engage our world in a way that effectively harnesses the power of our imaginations to rethink not only what we can create but change the ways we have of creating?

I will be guest speaking about my work in digital games, queergaming, and imagining different ways to design, create, and play games that are more humane, more inclusive, and more diverse. Below are my Prezi slides:

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