A Message to My (Online) Students

Dear, All,

As you know, when this course was converted to online, I asked for your accommodation because of a personal emergency. I do not want to overshare–something I caution all of my students to avoid when communicating with teachers, professionals, supervisors–but I also think that part of the university experience, part of being in a class even for fifteen weeks is the embrace of a community no matter how fleeting. This past week, my partner of many lovely and bright years passed away. While there are still difficulties and challenges ahead, I wanted to assure you that I take our class very seriously and that I will do all that I can to ensure that your experience and learning is not diminished. I only beg a little more patience. This is the affective work of being a teacher and a mentor. As they say, the show must go on. Perhaps, in some small way, I hope to model perseverance, professionalism, and most importantly, compassion and mindfulness. And even humor. I had wanted to entitle this message, “I am sorry I am late grading your papers, but…”

I look forward to the second half of term. More information about the next week and beyond forthcoming.

Dr. Edmond Y. Chang

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