Presenting at SCMS 2019!

I am headed to SCMS (Society for Cinema and Media Studies) today! I will be part of a roundtable on video game studies and video game pedagogy co-organized by Matthew Payne and Jennifer Malkowski.

The roundtable’s focus is thus:

“The focus of each participant’s contribution will be presenting a concrete assignment or activity that has worked well in their classes and that foregrounds the connections between play and pedagogy. Co-chairs will distribute hard copies of these assignments/activities, and will use a discussion of these as a pivot between participants’ brief remarks and open conversation among all attendees about teaching video games. This open conversation will form the bulk of the event, encouraging attendees to share their own pedagogical experiences and collaborate on refining and spinning off the featured assignments/activities.”

I will be talking about my “play log” or “plog” assignment:

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