“Keep LARPing, Say Students in Medieval History Class” Featured in Arts & Sciences Forum!

My guest appearance in Dr. Kevin Uhalde’s HIST 1222 class was written up in OHIO’s Arts & Sciences Forum!  Entitled “Keep LARPing, Say Students in Medieval History Class,” the online article dives into Dr. Uhalde’s class, my activities with the students, and more importantly, student responses.  It is a great article, and it is so fun to see some of the comments:

“LARPing is a lot like watching a movie or reading a book, since it allows you to step into someone else’s shoes and immerse yourself in their story,” said History major Precious Oluwasanya ’18. “However, LARPing is so much more realistic, because you’re literally running around with ‘weapons,’ creating strategies with your team, and thinking through your actions like a real warrior/elf/king/character…. Despite my reluctance to get hit, I ended up having a good time.”

“The world of Archaea is a well-crafted and mesmerizing place. As someone who is a Creative Writing major, cosplayer, and D&D fanatic, I feel that this event helped shape many of my views and inspired me to work harder at developing my own fantasy projects. I am even taking Professor Chang’s English 2200 this fall thanks to this LARPing experience,” noted Emma Keefer, a first-year English Creative Writing major.

I hope some of these students take my ENG 2100: Critical Approaches to Popular Literature: “Why are Americans Afraid of Dragons?: Critical Approaches to Reading, Writing, and Playing Fantasy” class in the fall.

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