PRESS: “Discussion Surrounding Diversity in Video Games Continues in an OU Classroom,” The Post, 12/26

Many thanks to reporter Mae Yen Yap who interviewed me about my ENG 3850 class and about diversity in video games for an article in the OHIO student newspaper The Post:

“Discussion Surrounding Diversity in Video Games Continues in an OU Classroom”
Mae Yen Yap
September 26, 2017

Diversity is a subject widely discussed among video gamers in online forums — and now the conversation continues in an Ohio University classroom.

This semester, OU started offering “Ready Player Two,” under the English department. The course is taught by new faculty member Edmond Chang, an assistant professor of English, and is dedicated to using an intersectional lens to analyze and criticize social culture through literature and video games.

The image of the typical gamer as a white, college-age man is one that is falsely perpetuated, Chang said. Video games have been found to be enjoyed by individuals across the board, regardless of aspects such as race, gender and class.

Read the full article here:


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