Guest Speaker for History of Video Games Course at University of Victoria

This past March, when I was invited to speak at the University of Victoria, I met a graduate student at my talk named Ash Blacquiere.  He followed-up asking if I would be interested in being a guest speaker for his summer course TS 320: The History of Video Games and Interactive Media.  We would skype me into the class.  Well, on Monday, May 26, we did just that.  The technology even cooperated.  I talked briefly about gender, sexuality, and straightwashing in video games, an abridged version of my previous talk.  Then I reserved the majority of my allotted time for question and answer.  Overall, it went really well, and I am happy to have been a part of Ash’s class.

042614_ash1 042614_ash2 042614_ash3 042614_ash4

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