Bodies (and Sex) That Matter: Keywords Follow-Up

Follow-up post for the last Keywords session on “BODIES/SEX” is now up on the CGP website:

Bodies (and Sex) That Matter: Keywords Follow-Up

by Edmond Chang, Merritt Kopas, and Jennifer  LeMesurier

Many thanks to everyone that attended and contributed to the second Keywords session of Winter Quarter on “bodies/sex” and games.

The framing questions for the session reveal the varied, overlapping, and sometimes incommensurate ways that talking about “bodies” and “sex” are never simple, additive, or easy.  But, the messiness of the conversation is indicative of the ways that many games fail to address and articulate this complexity.  We opened the session thinking about the differences between the terms “body” and “sex,” thinking about the representations of bodies on the screen, and thinking about what it means to play a video game as an embodied experience.

Full text here:

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