Generation Analog 2021: Proceedings of the Tabletop Games and Education Conference

Since I joined Analog Game Studies as an Assistant Editor (way back in 2021), I have had the opportunity to work with some amazing scholars, writers, editors, and students. Little did I know then that I would get to be a part of editing a whole book (though I only did a small part of the work). Generation Analog 2021: Proceedings of the Tabletop Games and Education Conference (ETC Press, 2023) is out! (I am hoping that there will be a hardcopy version.) Here’s the description:

This volume resulted from the inaugural Generation Analog conference held online July 27-28, 2021. The event was initially envisioned after the 2018 Gen Con in Indianapolis, USA. It is a collaboration between the Analog Game Studies journal team and Asmodee Research’s Game in Lab.

Generation Analog 2021 is divided into four sections, admittedly with much dialogue between all their contents. Making and Materiality focuses on the fundamentals of analog game design and their hybridity between the classroom and online platforms, among others. Communities and Inclusion takes a hard look at game cultures and how they enable and/or block a greater diversity of bodies and voices within them. Mediation and Role-Playing carries us into the pairing of form and content in RPGs as a field of research. Legacies of Dungeons and Dragons concludes the book with three essays on a pivotal game title for us all.

Congratulations to my fellow editors Evan Torner, Shelly Jones, Megan Condis, and Aaron Trammell and to all of the contributors!

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