Digital Pedagogy in the Humanities (Online Preview) Live!

As a response to the COVID-19 pandemic and the sudden need to shift face-to-face teaching to online, particularly at colleges and universities, the MLA has released a preview of a collection of short essays and curations called Digital Pedagogy in the Humanities edited by Rebecca Frost Davis, Matthew K. Gold, Katherine D. Harris, and Jentery Sayers. The collection will eventually be released in a final form both online and in print.

According to the project’s description:

Digital Pedagogy in the Humanities is a curated collection of reusable and re-mixable resources for teaching and research. Organized by keyword, the annotated artifacts can be saved in collections for future reference or sharing. Each keyword includes a curatorial statement and ten artifacts that exemplify that keyword. You can read the keywords comprehensively, as you would a printed collection. You can browse artifacts, exploring certain types or subject matter. You can also use the platform to curate your own collections of these digital resources.

In addition to a curatorial note, each artifact includes descriptive information including a link to the original, a link to a copy of the artifact in the CORE repository, information about the creators, and tags that can be used to find other artifacts.

The collection includes wonderful work from a wide range of people and perspectives including “Gaming” by Amanda Phillips, “Indigenous” by David Gaertner, Elizabeth LaPensée, and Karyn Recollet, “Play” by Mark Sample, “Race” by Adeline Koh and Viola Lasmana, and many more. I am happy to be included in the collection with my keyword, “Queer.”

Hopefully, this great resource will be of use and illumination during these challenging times for instructors and students alike!

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