UO to OU, Oregon to Ohio (A Tale of Mirror Universes)

Life as an academic, a teacher, a QPOC at any institution is often strange, exciting, inspiring, exhausting, fun, challenging, and fraught. There are ebbs and flows, and if you are lucky and persistent, things change for the better.  Much of this preamble is a meditation on what has come before, what I am doing now, and what is down the road.  I am a fan of possibilities, queer horizons, and productive ambivalences.  So goes this:

I am happy and heartbroken to announce that I have accepted a tenure-track position of (advanced) Assistant Professor of English at Ohio University starting this summer.  This was one of those jobs that almost got away but for the perseverance and confidence of a number of people (here and there), I did, made, won, was given an amazing thing.

So, I trade UO for OU, Oregon for Ohio, green and yellow for green and white, WGS for English, though I do not know which is the Mirror Universe.  I am grateful to be welcomed and wanted by a lovely school and department.  I am sad to leave another home and office and set of circles.  And I am sad that time and space, Seattle and Athens, all of my different worlds are not yet in coincidence.  But perhaps that makes me richer and stronger for it…

Details, questions, transitions, and celebrations to come.

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