“New Voices in Video Game Studies” Roundtable, PCAACA 2017, San Diego, CA

I just returned from four days in sunny San Diego where I attended the Popular Culture Association/American Culture Association (PCAACA) 2017 Annual Conference.  While at the conference, I was part of a roundtable of peers, colleagues, and friends entitled “New Voices in Video Game Studies,” including: Bonnie Ruberg, Evan W. Lauteria, and Timothy Welsh.  The roundtable brought the Game Studies area stream to a close on Saturday:

This roundtable brings together new voices and innovative perspectives in video game studies to talk about recent and upcoming projects, publications, and research, representing the interdisciplinary fields of sociology, literature, informatics, gender studies, popular culture studies, and queer theory.  Each participant will offer a quick precis of their current and the remaining time will be dedicated to conversation and Q&A. 

Everyone talked about their recent work, their interventions into game studies, and their recent projects and publications.  Here are the roundtable’s slides:

We also included a short video from Stephanie Boluk and Patrick LeMieux, who talked about their new book Metagaming: Videogames and the Practice of Play: http://patrick-lemieux.com/temp/Boluk_LeMieux-Metagaming_Movie.mov.

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