ENGL 325 B (Spring 2014) Visits Museum of Arts and Design

Recently, one of my students from my ENGL 325 B: “Introduction to Digital Humanities” class wrote as their final project a grant proposal to take the class to the Museum of Arts and Design in New York city to see “Out of Hand: Materializing the Postdigital” exhibit.  Her proposal was accepted and the trip was sponsored by a Mellon “Art and the Common Good” grant via Drew University.  A few of the class were able to attend (and we took along a couple of guests).
We got to see Lilia Ziamou’s studio, who works on Digital Sculpture. Interestingly enough, her current work is on what happens when you can use technology to manipulate the body in whatever way you want; we chatted briefly about my work in posthumanism and science fiction. The students got to ask her about her art and process.
Then we hit the “Out of Hand” exhibit.  Here are a few highlights:
042614_engl325b_3 042614_engl325b_4 042614_engl325b_5 042614_engl325b_6 042614_engl325b_7 042614_engl325b_8 042614_engl325b_9 042614_engl325b_10

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