UPCOMING COURSE: ENGL 110 G: “Introduction to Media Studies” (Spring 2014)

I am teaching four new courses this coming semester.  Two are full-term courses and two are half-term courses.  The first of my Spring courses:


ENGL 110 G: Introduction to Media Studies
Monday/Wednesday 2:35-3:50 PM
Spring 2014

Henry Jenkins, media scholar and professor, argues, “Most often, when people are asked to describe the current media landscape, they respond by making an inventory of tools and technologies. Our focus should be not on emerging technologies but on emerging cultural practices. Rather than listing tools, we need to understand the underlying logic shaping our current moment of media in transition.” In other words, to better understand media–from writing to gaming–is to understand not only the mediums themselves but our relationship to and with those mediums. This course then offers an overview of the history, technological changes, and cultural and critical significance of contemporary media, including print, electronic media (radio, television, film), and digital (“new”) media (internet, social media, mobile media, digital games). We will explore the forms and function of media, media and its relationship to information and communication, and the intersections of media and culture.

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