SITE UPDATE: A Few Good Sections

Now that I’ve picked a workable theme (still getting used to it), I am going through the main pages of my site and updating the content.  Also, in the import from my old WordPress, the text was saved but none of the images remained embedded and none of the internal links are up to date.  So, painstakingly, I will have to go through all of (or at least as many as I can muster) my posts and pages to update the links and images.  The first step is to make sure all of the primary pages are done, since they are the most useful and the most viewed.

As of today, I have updated my CV (which needed to be converted anyway, translated from ‘grad student’ to ‘assistant professor’ and ‘real person’) and the pages Writing, Playing, and Contact.  I will tackle the larger sections — my teaching portfolio and online portfolio — in due time.

A lot of sweat equity is being poured into this project, but hopefully it will be up, running, updated, and continue throughout my (long) career.  Back to the digital grindstone.

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