Now to Find a Diploma Frame

The diploma is in the mail:

Dear UW Graduate,

We have just received an update that the Autumn 2012 diplomas have been mailed. Please look your diploma over once it arrives to make sure your name and degree are printed correctly. If you have any questions about your diploma, please review the diploma information at, or contact the Graduation and Academic Records Office at or 206-543-1803.

We also encourage you to review your unofficial transcript on MyUW. Official copies of your transcript may be obtained by ordering them through MyUW or by writing to the University of Washington, Transcript Office, Box 355850, Seattle, WA, 98195-5850. A $9.00 check or money order for each transcript you order should be included with the following information: Social Security Number, date of birth, and student number.

We wish you a productive and meaningful future as a University of Washington graduate.

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