Dissertation Accepted!

Got this in my email today:

Dear Edmond Chang,

Congratulations. Your submission, 11129 has cleared all of the necessary checks and will be delivered to ProQuest/UMI for publishing 4-6 weeks after the last day of the quarter in which you have been graduated. When your submission is delivered to ProQuest/UMI, you will receive an email confirmation.

University of Washington Administrator

Basically, it means that my dissertation has been accepted by the Graduate School, meeting all the requirements for formatting and such.  It will be processed at the end of the quarter and will be available via ProQuest within 4-6 weeks thereafter (along with the bound copies I ordered for myself, my family, and my committee).  Exciting news!  I don’t have to reformat or resubmit.  I am officially done.  Next step: graduation.

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