What is a CHID 496 Focus Group?

What is a CHID 496 Focus Group?  Focus groups are discussion-based, student-driven exploratory seminars and are open to all ranks of UW students.  Here’s the official description and explanation of the focus group program through the Comparative History of Ideas department:

What focus groups are.
Focus Groups often begin when a couple of students want to do reading on a particular topic, and discuss ideas with others who share this interest.

Focus groups provide a unique opportunity for undergraduate students to design and lead a class. Focus groups allow students with common interests to create a space to discuss topics which may not be covered elsewhere in the UW undergraduate curricula. As with all CHID courses, all students participating in focus groups are expected to engage topics critically, respectfully, and from varying perspectives.

What focus groups are NOT.
Focus groups are not spaces for students to promote one particular point of view. While students can take on one idea or concept, this topic should be explored from multiple vantage points. Focus groups should not depart from CHID’s guiding philosophy that “the questions are the content.” Focus groups are about critical scrutiny, not about ideological imposition.

This class is graded on a credit/no credit basis; all assignments must be satisfactorily completed, and you may not have more than two un-excused absences in order to get credit for this class.

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