Nominated as HASTAC Scholar 2010-2011

Thanks to the Simpson Center for the Humanities, the HASTAC consortium, my fellow scholars, peers, and friends:

The following outstanding graduate students will represent the Simpson Center in the 2010-2011 HASTAC Scholars Program:

Edmond Chang, English
Michael Barthel, Communication
Megan Bertelsen, Comparative Literature
Theresa Horstman, Learning Sciences
Terrence Schenold, English
Timothy Welsh, English

Among HASTAC’s multiple missions is the development of digital tools and projects for teaching, archiving, and social interaction. As students and teachers leading the way in participatory learning, HASTAC Scholars receive scholarships to encourage innovative uses of technology in their work. Led by Edmond Chang, UW’s HASTAC Scholars will meet throughout the year at the Simpson Center. Read more about the HASTAC Scholars here.

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