UW Teaching Awards Announced

I was nominated last year but did not win.  This year, against the odds (because Rachel Goldberg from English last year won), I got it:

Universitywide Award Recipients Announced

The University will honor 23 individuals and one team of two this year as part of the annual Universitywide awards program. The awards honor outstanding performance in teaching, mentoring, librarianship, public service and staff support.

Seven faculty will receive the Distinguished Teaching Award, given to faculty who show “a mastery of their subject matter, intellectual rigor and a passion for teaching.” This year’s winners are Eugene Aisenberg, social work; Steve Herbert, geography; Dolphine Oda, dentistry; Catrin Pittack, biological structure; John Webster, English; Peter Littig, interdisciplinary arts and sciences (Bothell); and Janice Laakso, social work (Tacoma).

Two graduate teaching assistants — Ed Chang, English; and, Sachi Schmidt-Hori, Asian languages and literature — will receive the Excellence in Teaching Award for demonstrating outstanding skills in the classroom.

Full text: http://uwnews.org/uweek/article.aspx?id=48105

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