Humans vs. Zombies

This seems to be going on at UW:

“Watch Out for the Zombies: Humans Take on Zombies in Intense Game of Tag”
By Emily Lee
November 24, 2008

Contrary to what the name may suggest, HvZT is not a role-playing game. Rather, it is a version of simple tag. To start out, one person is randomly selected to be the “zombie” and the rest of the participants are “humans.” The zombie “consumes” humans by tagging them, transforming the humans into zombies.

If you find yourself surrounded by students wearing bright bandanas chasing and throwing socks at each other, don’t be alarmed; they’re only humans and zombies.

This winter, a newly-formed student organization called Human vs. Zombie Tag (HvZT) is introducing the UW to a popular survival-game sport, which USA Today calls “the latest trend in campus entertainment.”

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