Section A
Last taught Summer 2007-08

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GIS 140: Writing, Reading, Thinking Ready Assignments (Section A, Early Fall Quarter 2007-08)

Listed below are the assignment sheets, worksheets, exercises, and peer review sheets that will be assigned or used during the quarter. Each student will recieve a copy of each as a handout in class during the appropriate week. If you miss a sheet, feel free to print out a new copy. Feel free to look ahead at the assignments to come, but keep in mind that sheets may be updated and are subject to change over the quarter.


     Week 1.0: Writing Center Visit

     Week 1.0: Rhetorical Situations

     Week 1.0: Strength and Weaknesses Inventory

     Example of a Short Paper Assignment (Formatting)

     Short Paper 1.1: What is Literacy?

     Short Paper 1.2: Summary Of

     Short Paper 1.3: One Main Point

     Revision 1.4: Literacy Narrative Draft

     SEQUENCE ONE MAJOR PAPER 1.5: Literacy Narrative

     Example of a Major Paper Assignment (Formatting)


     Week 2.0: Strength and Difficulty Inventory II

     Week 2.0: Process Journal--Reading

     Week 2.0: Research Scavenger Hunt

     Week 2.0: Process Journal--Responding to Comments

     Short Paper 2.1: Summary Of Freire

     Short Paper 2.2: Close Reading Draft

     Workshop 2.2: Close Reading the Close Reading

     Short Paper 2.3: Close Reading Of

     Short Paper 2.4: Research Question & Narrative

     Short Paper 2.5: Annotated Bibliography

     Short Paper 2.6: Literature Review

     Revision 2.7: Read-Search Project Draft

     SEQUENCE TWO MAJOR PAPER 2.8: Read-Search Project

     Week 3.0: Strength and Difficulty Inventory III

     Week 3.0: Another Writing Center Visit

     Week 3.0: Campus Resource Presentation

     Week 3.0: GIS 140 Town Hall Worksheet


     Week 4.0: Strength and Difficulty Inventory IV

     Week 4.0: Final Portfolio

     Short Paper 3.1: Prospective Claim

     Workshop 3.1: Prospective Claim Worksheet

     Short Paper 3.2: Close Reading the Process Journal

     Revision 3.3: Prospective Cover Letter Draft

     SEQUENCE THREE MAJOR PAPER 3.4: Prospective Cover Letter