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Personal Logs -- Each week you will engage various texts, activities, presentations, and events in class and on campus. You will be required to keep a weekly "personal log." Log entries will be short reactions, responses, meditations, and provocations that address the week's ideas, discussions, and experiences. Logs will be posted each week to the class blog.

Colloquium Project -- Over the course of the quarter and the year, the class will collaborate on exploring, researching, developing, creating, and presenting a colloquium project. Over the course of the year, you will brainstorm, research, and generate the overall project idea, a timeline, and assign individual and group roles and responsibilities. You will prototype and implement the project, producing all written, working, and promotional materials. Finally, in spring, you will present and promote the project, particularly as part of the UO Undergraduate Symposium. The project will be graded on completion, collaboration, and quality of work.

Academic Plan & Advising Conference Memo -- You will be required to generate an academic plan, a tentative sketch of your course of study for the academic year and your plans for exploring and declaring a major. You will be required to schedule a one-on-one conference with me or an academic advisor in your desired degree program. And you will share what you developed and discovered with the class.
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Information Sheets

The following are handouts, informational sheets, and readings that will be assigned or used over the course of the quarter. Each student will recieve a copy of each as a handout in class during the appropriate week. If you miss a sheet, feel free to print out a new copy.

Ed's Top Ten List of "Ways to Survive University"

Ed's Top Ten Rules of Writing

Quoting, Paraphrasing, and Summarizing

MLA Citation and Bibliographic Format

What is Close Reading?


Course texts will be available via the course Canvas.
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