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Class Blogs

Our course will be using two GoPost message boards or "blogs". One will be for general discussion, and the other will be for your play logs.

General Blog

You will be required to participate generally on the class web log. Please bookmark the blog address, check the site regularly, and feel free to comment and post regularly. The class blog will be used for announcements, assignment reminders, updates to the syllabus, as well as questions, inquiries, and an extension of in-class discussion. Blog commenting, responding to other students’ plogs, and posting will be taken into account in evaluating class participation. See the class blog for details on blog etiquette and rules of engagement.

General discussion blog:

Plogs, Or, Play Logs

Each week you will be introduced to one or more games, virtual worlds, stories, or theoretical texts. You will be required to keep a weekly “plog” or “play log” about the games that you play and the texts that you read. Plog entries will be short reactions, responses, meditations, and provocations that engage the game and your play on a critical, analytical, or theoretical level.

Play log blog:

Keywords for Video Game Studies Collaboratory

Our class will be participating on the Keywords for American Cultural Studies collaboratory site. This interactive website provides an online space where classes or groups can work collaboratively on projects that take their method, focus, or inspiration from the sixty-four essays published in Keywords for American Cultural Studies. The website is jointly funded by the University of Washington's Simpson Center for the Humanities and NYU Press. In particular, our collaboratory will be part sandbox, part archive, and part online journal where student keyword papers will be revised and further developed for publication. Given the nascent field of video game studies or critical game studies, our collaboratory begins with the demand for a "common" vocabulary, a set of definitions, grinding edges, terms of engagement, and central issues. Therefore, the project at hand is to imagine and initiate a "Keywords for Video Game Studies."

Keywords for Video Game Studies collaboratory:

Critical Games Project Forum

The Critical Gaming Project is a group of graduate and undergraduate students at the University of Washington working together to create an online resource for the critical study of digital games. We facilitate discussion and development of original courses and focus groups, maintain an archive of past course syllabi and annotated topical bibliographies, publicize relevant events on campus and in the local area, and provide a space for scholars to share information.

Our class has a forum area on the CGP site. You can check out the other CGP class forums as well. (Please set up a user account with the same name as your GoPost screen name).

CGP forum:
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