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GIS 140 (D)
MTuWTh 9:30 AM-12:00PM
(LOW 112)
Early Fall Quarter 2006-07

GIS 140 Early Fall Quarter 2006-07 Assignments

Sequence One:

     Week 1: Strengths & Weaknesses Inventory

     Week 1: Rhetorical Situations Worksheet

     Week 1: Writing Center Visit

     Response Paper 1.1: What is Literacy?

          Revision 1.1.1: What is Literacy? Revised

          Revision 1.1.2: What is Literacy? Further Revised

          Workshop 1.1.2: Seeing the Questions

     FINAL PAPER 1.6: Literacy Narrative

Sequence Two:

     Week 2: Strengths & Difficulty Inventory Review I

     Response Paper 2.1: Reading

          Revision 2.1.1: Re-Reading

     Response Paper 2.2: A Passage, The Method

          Revision 2.2.1: Close Reading a Passage

          Workshop 2.2.2: Close Reading Analysis

     FINAL PAPER 2.5: Close Reading Of

Sequence Three:

     Week 3: Strengths & Difficulty Inventory Review II

     Response Paper 3.2: Research Question

     FINAL PAPER 3.4: Resource Research Project

Sequence Four:

     Week 4: Strengths & Difficulty Inventory Review III

     Week 4: Final Portfolio

     Response Paper 4.2: Prospective Worksheet

          Revision 4.2.1: Prospective Claim

     Workshop 4.2.3: All of the Above

     FINAL PAPER 4.3: Prospective Essay (Cover Letter)


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