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131 (A3) CIC
Tu 8:30-10:20 AM (MGH 076 lab)
Th 8:30-10:20 AM (MGH 074 seminar)
Spring Quarter 2005-06

English 131 Readings

The following are handouts, informational sheets, and readings that will be assigned or used over the course of the quarter. Each student will recieve a copy of each as a handout in class during the appropriate week. If you miss a sheet, feel free to print out a new copy.

ENGL131 Student Info Sheet & Release Form

ENGL131 Computer Integrated Classroom LAN Primer

Ed's Top Ten Ways to Survive University

Ed's Top Ten Rules of Writing

Claims, Claims, Claims

Toulmin's Ideas About Argument

Introductions & Conclusions

Revision Strategies


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